During my short time of being involved with Maisha I must admit, I am genuinely surprised and pleased to how open and honest the team are. They are so supportive, caring and passionate about their projects which is so endearing to see.
Helping out at Maisha was one of the highlights of my time in Kenya. The kids there are brilliant, they are all so enthusiastic and it’s clear that they love being at the school.
The dedication from everybody there amazed me, from the kids being so eager to learn, to the teachers and parents doing everything possible to aid them. The volunteers who have helped there have done an amazing job.
I have been sponsoring a young girl for 12 months now. I just light up when I get her letters. When I recently got a letter saying “she loves me a lot” I started crying happy tears.
It’s amazing that you can get so easily attached to a child you’ve never met, but it really happens. I almost feel guilty that I may be getting as much or more from this than she is! It also helps make me a better person and appreciate what I have.
When you sponsor one of these beautiful children, in the beginning you think you are doing them a favour. However, after a while you begin to realise that it’s him or her who is saving you. I set out to change their lives instead they changed mine.
I had such a fantastic time. It still is astonishing to me, how generally people in Kenya give so much, even though they have so little. Their generousity and hospitality among volunteers, is amazing.
I recommend everyone, who wants to do something different go, and explore Nakuru. Check out Maisha and its very friendly staff. Meet these great kids and make a difference.


Volunteers will experience life in rural Kenya and get to know the local people and culture. They are able to make a real and positive impact to the children’s lives through their support, teaching and care.

Candidates must be enthusiastic, caring and motivated and be over 18 years old. You will have the opportunity to…

  • Help to teach lessons and make resources in our school.
  • Help with chores around the home and prepare meals in the kitchen.
  • Play and read with the children outside of school hours and during break time.
  • Assist with ongoing maintenance/building projects.

All we ask for is a goodwill gesture of £200 to cover our guidance and support both prior and during your adventure.

For further information or to get started with your trip please contact our team.

Our responsibilities:

Advice on travel insurance and required vaccinations

Advice on visa details

Airport pickup and drop off from the airport direct to your home stay

In country orientation: a warm welcome including both safety and travel advice

Safe and secure home stay where we provide breakfast and supper meals, clean water and wifi

24/7 support

We can also arrange safari trips, mountain treks, coast visits etc and more on your behalf at discount!

Your responsibilities:

 Costs relating to your flights, visa and travel insurance

 Ensure all relevant vaccinations are taken prior to your trip

 Local transport when wandering on your own travels

 Mandatory DBS Check for UK volunteers or

 Mandatory ICPC Check for International volunteers

 Minimum age 18