During my short time of being involved with Maisha I must admit, I am genuinely surprised and pleased to how open and honest the team are. They are so supportive, caring and passionate about their projects which is so endearing to see.
Helping out at Maisha was one of the highlights of my time in Kenya. The kids there are brilliant, they are all so enthusiastic and it’s clear that they love being at the school.
The dedication from everybody there amazed me, from the kids being so eager to learn, to the teachers and parents doing everything possible to aid them. The volunteers who have helped there have done an amazing job.
I have been sponsoring a young girl for 12 months now. I just light up when I get her letters. When I recently got a letter saying “she loves me a lot” I started crying happy tears.
It’s amazing that you can get so easily attached to a child you’ve never met, but it really happens. I almost feel guilty that I may be getting as much or more from this than she is! It also helps make me a better person and appreciate what I have.
When you sponsor one of these beautiful children, in the beginning you think you are doing them a favour. However, after a while you begin to realise that it’s him or her who is saving you. I set out to change their lives instead they changed mine.
I had such a fantastic time. It still is astonishing to me, how generally people in Kenya give so much, even though they have so little. Their generousity and hospitality among volunteers, is amazing.
I recommend everyone, who wants to do something different go, and explore Nakuru. Check out Maisha and its very friendly staff. Meet these great kids and make a difference.

Our Team

Alun Roberts



Elizabeth Kibe

Kenya Secretary


Priscilla Nduta Mugwe

CEO / Treasurer


Peter Hennessey



Maisha Foundation has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2011.

From a simple £300 investment and a self-sustainable idea where we equip communities with the skills to support themselves we have been able to grow to support some wonderful projects that helps many disadvantaged children and families living in poverty.

We believe that every child; irrespective of their background, deserves the right to free education, free food / water and a safe place to stay. No child living in poverty should ever be discriminated or ignored. These children are the future and through self-sustainability support, they can help themselves and their families escape this lifestyle for the next generation. In order to assist community development we educate slum children, street children and orphans and feed them high nutritional meals twice a day. In addition we provide skilled workshops to the youth.

I wish the team all the success in the future as they continue to support vulnerable families. I will officially step down from the board in January 2015 but keep up to date with information regarding the charity and its plans for the future.

– Peter Hennessey