During my short time of being involved with Maisha I must admit, I am genuinely surprised and pleased to how open and honest the team are. They are so supportive, caring and passionate about their projects which is so endearing to see.
Helping out at Maisha was one of the highlights of my time in Kenya. The kids there are brilliant, they are all so enthusiastic and it’s clear that they love being at the school.
The dedication from everybody there amazed me, from the kids being so eager to learn, to the teachers and parents doing everything possible to aid them. The volunteers who have helped there have done an amazing job.
I have been sponsoring a young girl for 12 months now. I just light up when I get her letters. When I recently got a letter saying “she loves me a lot” I started crying happy tears.
It’s amazing that you can get so easily attached to a child you’ve never met, but it really happens. I almost feel guilty that I may be getting as much or more from this than she is! It also helps make me a better person and appreciate what I have.
When you sponsor one of these beautiful children, in the beginning you think you are doing them a favour. However, after a while you begin to realise that it’s him or her who is saving you. I set out to change their lives instead they changed mine.
I had such a fantastic time. It still is astonishing to me, how generally people in Kenya give so much, even though they have so little. Their generousity and hospitality among volunteers, is amazing.
I recommend everyone, who wants to do something different go, and explore Nakuru. Check out Maisha and its very friendly staff. Meet these great kids and make a difference.


Through sponsorship, two key lives are changed forever: yours and the life of your sponsored child. For £35 per month you can watch them progress over time.

To date we have had over 40 needy children (both past and present) enrolled at primary and secondary schools.

Our sponsorship programme includes:

  • Registration, admission and interview fees
  • Entrance exams and school fees, our children go to a private school to give them the best chance of success. There are thirty in a class rather than over a hundred in the public schools.
  • Transport private school bus taking the children direct to school and back home again
  • Breakfast and lunch at school – for most of our children these will sometimes be the only meal they will have.
  • School uniforms and sports uniform.All school trips and photos – everybody has to have an embarrassing school photo.
  • Basic school trips including swimming lessons
  • Extra tuition over the school holidays
  • Emergency medical cover where appropriate
  • We visit the schools regularly to check all students are attending classes, happy and safe!

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How much does it cost to sponsor a child with Maisha?

We ask for a minimum donation of £35 a month although many of our sponsors choose to give more. This monthly amount means that we can achieve lasting results from your sponsorship. If you prefer, you can make your payments quarterly, twice a year or annually.

How does sponsorship work?
Child sponsorship creates a unique personal connection between you and a child and their family. As part of your sponsorship you can exchange letters and photos. Your donations will be used to fund our Education projects in the country where your sponsored child lives.
What will I receive?
When you first sign up to sponsor, you’ll receive a welcome pack with a photo of your sponsored child and information about them and their community. This will be followed by a letter or drawing from your sponsored child. You’ll receive annual updates and photos, so that you can follow your sponsored child’s progress and find out more about the activities that Maisha Foundation is supporting in their community.
Can I choose the child I will sponsor?
Most of our sponsors allow Maisha to allocate them to the most needy children however you do have a couple of options you can make. You can choose between a boy or girl and whether you want to fund their primary or secondary education fees.
How long do I have to sponsor?
To help us see our children through their education, we hope your relationship with Maisha and the child you sponsor will continue for a number of years. But, if your circumstances change, you can stop at any time and we will find another sponsor for the child. We must be given at least 3 months notice if this were the case.
Whats included in the sponsorship programme?
  • Registration and interview fees
  • Introductory exams
  • Termly school fees, our children go to a private school to give them the best chance of success.
  • Transport – private school bus taking the children direct to school and back home again
  • Breakfast and lunch at school
  • School uniforms and sports uniform.
  • Basic school trips including swimming lessons
  • Emergency medical cover
Does each child have one sponsor?
Yes so you and your child have a unique one to one connection.
What happens when my child finishes primary school?
Normally each child finishes primary school when they are 14. We will contact you to notify you that they are about to complete their studies and then request for you to either sponsor them through secondary education or for you to start sponsoring another child entering class 1. Primary school has 8 classes.
What happens when my child finishes secondary school?
Secondary school consists of four years studies, after this, it is when the child’s decision as to whether they wish to further their studies through education or find a job, this will be a time when we would give you the chance to say goodbye and you’ll have the opportunity to sponsor another child. If you would like to keep in contact with your child after they have graduated secondary school then please contact us.
What can and can’t I write to my child?
Your messages will give a child real pleasure and your encouragement could really boost their confidence and performance. We do recommend you to ask about the child’s family and school, talk about your own family, life, food, work, the weather. We do recommend you to enclose photos, postcards of drawings. Keep things short and simple and print clearly, letters may need to be translated for younger children.
We do not recommend topics such as religion or politics. We do not recommend enclosing gifts or money, and please do not pass on your address or any other contact details – this protects you; any communication will come through Maisha.
How often can I write to my child?
We’d suggest two or three times a year. Letters will need to be delivered by hand from Maisha and it might be six months before you get a reply.
How do I send a letter / email?
Attach pages, pictures, photos altogether and email across to us. Write your sponsorship number and the number/name of the child you are sponsoring on the header. Our email address is info@maisha-foundation.org
Can I visit the child I sponsor?
Visiting the child you sponsor can be incredibly rewarding. You can see first-hand how sponsorship is changing their life. If you would like to visit please give us three months’ notice to make the appropriate arrangements. We’re happy to help organise your trip with a member of staff who will accompany you throughout the day, you will not be allowed to be left alone with your child at any time for safeguarding purposes. You will have to arrange your flights, visas, travel insurance and any vaccinations yourself.
Is sponsoring a child like adopting a child?
No, definitely not. The child you sponsor will have a family of their own, but sponsors play an important role in the eyes of the child and their community. As well as funding projects that help them and their community and country, your sponsorship can inspire and encourage them – it’s amazing how a simple letter or card can boost children’s self-esteem and motivate them, and children tell us they love hearing from their sponsors.